Delta Airlines Customer Service Number: +1-888-593-4845

Delta Air Lines is one of the major America based airlines. Our headquarters which is also one of our largest hubs at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International airport in Atlanta, Georgia the airline operates as many as 5400 flights on a daily basis. Our airline network is extended over 334 destinations in 64 countries including all the six inhabitable continents. Delta Air Lines is also one of the founding members of the Sky Team Air Alliance.

If you go by the founding date delta airlines is the sixth oldest airlines operating in the world and the oldest airline to be operating in the United States of America. The airline started its services on June 17, 1929. In 2013 delta airlines was named world’s largest airlines in terms of passengers carried and the second largest in terms of the revenue earned and kilometers travelled.

The Delta airline has three international hubs along with ten domestic hubs. The airline employees nearly 80,000 people combining all the mainline employees as well as those working with the subsidiaries. The airline operates more than 5400 flights on a daily basis and is amongst the few airlines which provide its services to all the six inhabited continents.

For carrying our passengers safely to their respective destinations, we rely on our fleet of 800 aircraft all of which comprises of McDonnel Douglas, airbus and Boeing. Apart from the various amenities provided by the airlines we also provide the fliers with Wi-Fi but at a fee which is certainly not something you get with every other airline.