Customer Support For Hertz Car Rental Customer:

Customer Support For Hertz (Car Rental Company): 800-654-3131

The Hertz is a big corporation and is a subsidiary company of the Hertz Global Holdings Inc. Further, it’s an American car rental company which operates worldwide. It’s one of the biggest car rental company and provide affordable car rental service. Moreover, you can contact Hertz for any customer support.

Hertz Car Rental Company Support 1-800 Phone Number

Looking for a list of all customer support phone numbers for the Hertz company? Then find below the 800 support phone numbers for Hertz car rental company.

Rentals: Make new reservations or update your reservations also check rates at: 800-654-3131 (for US or Canada)

  • Once you make a call at our customer support it will say ‘Thank you for contacting Hertz’. Also, it informs you that ‘Your call maybe observed or recorded for quality purposes’.
  • Now, you will get following options:
  1. First, in case you want to make any changes or want to make a new reservation for an upcoming time or if want to check the rates in US then press 1.
  2. Second, for queries regarding reservations outside US then press 2.
  3. Third, for extension of your car rental or for changing the return site, if presently you’re using a Hertz vehicle then press 3.
  4. Fourth, press 4 to get our road side service.
  5. Fifth, further, for any queries regarding billing or related to a completed rental then press 5.
  6. Sixth, to hear the options again press the pound key or please stay on the line to get assistance.

For International Rentals: Contact (800-654-3001)
For Accident Rates and Reservations: Contact (800-704-4473 (US))

Emergency Roadside Assistance: Contact (800-654-5060)

When you call to our customer support number then an automatic machine attend you. Once you call it says ‘We are thankful to you for calling Hertz local edition’. Now then you will get the following options:

  1. First, please press 1, to make reservation of a replacement vehicle owing to theft or accident.
  2. Second, please press 2 in case you want a copy of your billing invoice or have queries regarding billing problems on a replacement rental.
  3. Third, further, want to make a new reservation or to check rates, then press 3.
  4. Fourth, to get further help and assistance please stay on line we will connect you to our next available representative to assist you.


To Change Return Location Or For Extension Of Your Rental: Contact (800-654-4174)

Once you call our support number you will listen a welcome and appreciation speech saying ‘Thank you for calling theHertz rental extension department’ also it instructs you ‘for quality assurance, your call may be monitored or recorded’.

Then you choose from the following options:

  1. First, to get emergency road service please press 1.
  2. Second, for new reservation (US or Canada) please press 2.
  3. Third, for a new reservation (for other countries) please press 3.
  4. Fourth, if Hertz has contacted you concerning your rental then press 4
  5. Fifth, for extension of your existing rental press 5 or stay on the line.

For assistance from 877-826-8782

For Questions Regarding Previous Rental Billing: 800-654-4173

Hours: (CST M-F) 6am-9pm
When you can the above phone number then you will find the following options:

First, it says ‘Thank you for calling Hertz’ and ‘for quality purposes, we may record or monitor your call’. Choose of the following options.

To check rate or to change or make new reservation please press 1.

For any queries or hep regarding any issues related to a vehicle presently you are renting please press 2.

Further, for queries regarding administration fees, play path, or traffic violation, press 3.

Press 4 for any other assistance.

Regarding Gold Plus Rewards/Membership: 888-999-4900

Timing: (CST M-F) 6am-9pm
When you contact us at the above number then you can choose from the following options.

In case your call is regarding the points, you have received from the triple points promotion. Then please ensure that you have also registered for this at Hertz before your rental to get the bonus points. Also, remember that on the next day after the rental return the base points will be adjusted to your account, for this promotion for Hertz rentals. Further, the within the 10 business days after the rental return the Hertz on-demand based points and the additional bonus points you earn will be placed into your accounts.

The members with Current gold plus reward, may book reservation or redeem points by using points at For they can just log into your account, then choose my account option after this choose the ‘Hertz go plus’ reward.

In case you have not acquired membership yet the it’s very easy to get online at To redeem your points by making new reservation please press or you can visit

For further options and queries please press 2.

If you want to repeat the options, then press pound.

For the Hearing Impaired people: contact 800-654-2280

For Traffic, Parking, & Toll Violations: contact 877-977-5771
Timing: (CST M-F) 8am-7pm

Toll Road charges: For this contact 877-411-4300
Timing: (CST M-F) 8am-7pm