Greyhound Customer Service Numbers: +1-888-593-4845

As Greyhound is a company which provides bus services. And, if you are having any kind of problems then you can get customer service by making call on these given numbers.
Although, it is providing the best service you can get ever. But just in case you encounter with any kind of difficulty in availing its services, then you would not need to be worried. Because, here in this article you will find all solution of your queries.

So, in order to ask for any customer assistance you will need to dial any of the given number:

To Know Schedule Information And Ticket Or Fare:

You can use this Toll-free number 1 800 231 2222 to plan a Trip. You can get exactly at what time bus has to depart or reach at a specific location.

For Travelers With Physical Disabilities:

If you are having any type of physical disabilities and having queries, then you can make call on 1 800 752 4841 and 1 800 345 3109. And, you can find solutions of your queries.


All you need is to dial 1 800 531 5332 to get immediate support.

Web Site Support:

In order to ask any question related to website, you can call on 1 800 268 9000 and get complete customer support form experts.

Commercial Services & Corporate Travel:

If you are having need to get any corporate travel or commercial services, then you can call on 1 800 440 7712. And, you will have entire plan and information.

Greyhound PackageXpress:

If you have any query related to packageXpress, then you can dial 1 800 739 5020. And, within minute you will get all details.

To Report Unsafe Driving:

To report for unsafe driving by your driver who is giving you service, you will require to call on 1-800 number.

For Online Ticketing:

To book your ticket to ride bus service provided by Greyhound, you would need to make call on 1 800 231 2222. And, booking will be done immediately.

Fare And Schedule Information:

If you want to know information about fare or schedule, you will need to make call on 1 800 661 8747.

Greyhound Courier Express:

For knowing details about courier services, you can make call on 1 877 463 6446.