American Express Customer Service Numbers: +1-888-593-4845

The American Express Company, which is also famous as Amex, is one of the multinational financial services company of United States. And, the headquarter of this company is in Manhattan’s Three World Financial Center in New York City, United States.
In case, you encounter with trouble then you can get customer support from company by making a call. And, here in this article we are providing you a few of customer service numbers of American Express credit card.

Customer Service:

If you are having any kind of difficulty in utilizing, then you can get help from company executives by making call on 1 800 528 4800.

Lost Or Stolen Card:

In case, unfortunately you lose or misplace your card then you can have complete customer assistance. By making call on 1 800 327 1267.

Gift Card:

For any kind of query, you will need help then you can ask for help from company’s experts, by making call on 1 877 297 4438. And, the calling time is from 8:00 am to 12:00 midnight Eastern Time (ET) for all days of week.

Customer Service En Espanol:

If you are looking for the assistance in Spanish language, then in that case you will need to make call on 1 800 473 7346. And get complete customer support.

Request New Card:

If you want to get a new card, then you may call on 1 800 964 8542. In order to get solutions of your queries.

Gold Card Events:

If you are having gold card and having any issues with your card, then you can make call on 1 800 448 8457. And, get complete support from company.

Gold Card Dining Concierge:

In case, you have query related to gold card dining concierge then you can dial 1 877 300 3463 to get complete customer support.

Customer Service:

You can use 1 800 528 4800 number at any time because this numbers is available for 24*7.


If you are not able to hear completely or properly, then in that case you can use TTY number 1 800 221 9950. And, it is available for 24*7.
And if you are living in New York, then use 1 800 522 1897 for getting customer assistance. And, this line is also available for 24*7.

Apply Through Phone:

You can apply for American express credit card over the phone. And, for doing so all you need is to dial 1 800 243 3888. Which is 24*7 available at your service.

Pay Bill:

If you have questions about paying bill of your credit card, you will need to make call on 1 800 472 9297. And, this line is accessible for 24*7.

Express Cash Or Cash Advance At ATMs:

You are having questions which are disturbing you about Express Card or you want an advance cash, then you have to make call on 1 800 227 4669. Only if you are living in US and this line is available for you at any time.

American Express Prepaid Card:

Just make call on 1 866 207 7970 to get American Express Prepaid Card or else, if you are having any query. you can make contact with company executives at any time. It is available for 24*7.