Walmart Department Store Customer Support: +1-888-593-4845

Seeking a help from Walmart? Then go through the post and get the support number to contact Walmart regarding issues of orders or for any queries just find this article useful.

The 1-800 number for Walmart

Take the toll free 800 numbers below for Walmart:

Customer Service Number (1-800-(925-6278)):

  • Welcome to Wal-Mart stores customer support.
  • Please press 1 to know the Walmart phone number, hours, and location of Wal-Mart store.
  • For a customer please press 2

In case calling for store experience or Walmart gift card or for credit cards please press 1

To listen to the info again please press asterisk (*) key

For returning to previous menu please press pound key

In case you approached us for store experience, store merchandise or store return just press 1

Queries regarding credit card please press 2

Regarding shopping/gift cards of Walmart just press 3,

In case an ethics issue please press 4

For the repetition of the options just opt for start key

Press pound to get back to the main menu.

  • For contacting the just press 2
  • And for contacting Sams club please press 3
  • For the text message or any tweet with a message displaying “you have won!” then please press 8 to avail you Wal-Mart’s gift card.
  • In case a present or earlier associate just press 3
  • To get info regarding to become a supplier please press 4
  • Press asterisk key [*] to get it repeated.

Walmart’s Credit Services (1-877-294-7880)

  • Your call could be monitored or recorded for quality purposes.  We appreciate your call to Wal-Mart’s credit services.
  • Now make payments free of cost via our automated telephone procedure also make payments online on “ login”.
  • Please provide card number. Sorry didn’t get the info please enter or say account number.

For Community/Business Card (1-877-294-1086)

  • Your call could be monitored during the period for quality purposes.
  • We appreciate your call to Wal-Mart’s credit services.  To continue in English please press 1.
  • Please provide your account number.

Walmart Gift Cards (1-888-537-5503)

  • We appreciate your presence at Wal-Mart gift cards
  • For opting English please press 1
  • In case of recovering your balance, know the account history and details on gift card, facing problems with your card please press 1

Before we commence just turn your card and locate a scratch off, silver, area at the back of your card. Scratch off card now and find your PIN and card number. Now just enter this 16-digit card number.

  • In case of a stolen or lost card please press 2