FAFSA Free Support And Contact Toll Free +1-888-593-4845 Numbers

Here is the list of Federal Student Aid Information Center Toll Free 1-800-433-3243 Numbers. Use these Toll free numbers to know and avail student aid facility

Customer Service FAFSA Student Loan: 1-800-433-3243                

  • Hello Federal Student Aid Information Center. Welcome to
  • Your call can be recorded or monitored for better service and training purpose, please be precise and clear while recording complaints.
  • Please say ‘Application status’ if you want to know status of correction or a request for copy of student Aid report.
  • Say “website assistance” for the help with yours fax or pin on web.
  • You need to speak  loans for the info about lenders and existing student loans.
  • Speak FAQ’s for the answers to frequently asked top 10 questions.
  • Say more for the ‘more help’ option.
  • Our site studentaid.gov has answers to your common questions such as who qualifies to receive aid, what types of aids are available, how to choose a loan repayment plan or how to apply for a aid.
  • Many students first submit facts to know how much aid they are going to receive.  Your school could help you in this.  The school makes use of enrollment status, attendance cost and other details to create aid packages for student.
  • You can talk to financial aid of your school to know when and how much aid you could receive.
  • Please say customer service if you need to talk to customer service representative.
  • If done with then say simply good bye or just ‘hang up’ for further queries. You can be taken back to main menu in case of no command from your side.
  • Customer services.
  • Wait a moment your call will be transferred to customer service representative.