US Postal Service (USPS) Support And Contact: +1-888-593-4845

The US Postal Service also   known by the names U.S. Mail, Post Office and Postal Service is an independent US Government agency whose role is to provide postal service to all American citizens? US postal service (USPS) is among those agencies of the USA which are explicitly governed by the US constitution.

Here is the list of the US postal service (USPS) Tool Free support and contact 800 number

1-800-275-8777: Customer Service

Working hours: Monday to Friday- 8 am – 8:30 pm, Saturday- 8 am – 6 pm- Sunday/ Holidays- off

  1. Welcome to USPS, thanks for calling us
  2. Please tell us what we can do for you.
  3. Keep your queries, precise and clear. E.g. say  Stamps or Prices or Priority Mail
  • Priority mail
  • Priority mail service can take 2-3 days.
  • Your delivery can be verified only if the delivery confirmation or signature has been purchased at mailing time.
  • Use confirmation number and say confirm delivery to confirm your delivery.
  • Say  get prices for pricing
  • Say  Main menu for other things
  • Confirm delivery
  • Okay track & confirm
  • Please say no or yes if you possess article number or label
  • Yes
  • K, then tell us your article or label number
  • Either enter it  or say it orally

1-800-222-1811: Track And Confirm’s Customer Service

  1. Welcome to USPS, thanks for calling us
  2. Say track and confirm’ delivery status check
  3. Or say other services or order shipping supplies
  4. Track & confirm
  5. K, then tell us your article or label number
  6. Enter it if it possesses just numbers
  7. If it is the letter and number combination, say each number or letter one by one.
  • 877-569-6614: Facilities Access and Shipment Tracking (FAST)
  • (800) 238-3150: Mail Tracking and Reporting