Walgreens Pharmacy Customer Support Phone Number: +1-888-593-4845

Walgreen Company is the second largest pharmacy of America.  It is only behind CVS Health. Its services include filling prescriptions, health information, photo services and health and wellness products. CVS Health earned 7th Rank globally while as its competitor earned 37th Rank.

Here is the list of Walgreens Support and contact Toll Free 1-800 Numbers along with the description and services offered

1-800-925-4733- Walgreens Customer Service Line

  • Welcome to Walgreens automated customer service line. Thank You for giving a call
  • Click 1 to know the phone number and  address of any nearby Walgreens
  • Click  2 to know flu shot locations
  • Click 3 to know about the balance reward loyalties program
  • Click  4 for the customer service issues
  • Click 5 for other health and wellness services
  • We will direct your call to consumer relations department, please hold the telephone line
  • Your call could be recorded or monitored for ensuring better services.
  • Thanks for choosing Walgreens for better health services. I am ABC, may I know your name please

 1-877-250-5823- Walgreens.Com

  1. Welcome to Walgreens automated customer service
  2. Click 1 to for prescription or pharmacy questions
  3. Click 2 for the photo questions
  4. Click 3 to check or place status of order
  5. We value your experience very much, please stay on the telephone line to take part in customer satisfaction survey. Don’t drop your phone after our agent handled your query.
  6. Your call could be recorded or monitored for ensuring better services.
  • Your prescription order refills in the seconds of time.
  • You can browse weekly ad from free Walgreens Android and iPhone App to manage your health order prints.
  • Please hold the line and wait for a minute till our representatives assist other callers. Our representative will talk to you very soon.
  • Click 4 for the balance rewards questions
  1. Click 5 to search Walgreens store
  2. For other services  please click  6