Ace Hardware Customer Support Phone Number: +1-888-593-4845

Ace Hardware Corporation is an international chain of hardware retailers’ cooperative which has its headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois, USA. Moreover, Ace Hardware is the largest hardware retail cooperative in the world and America’s largest non-grocery retail cooperative.

In addition, in 1931, the company was renamed as “Ace Hardware Corporation” from “Ace Stores” and was founded in 1924. Moreover, following the World War II the company was in full swing and grew dramatically. Thus, the sales of the company were more than tripling the sales amid the late 1940s and 1959.

Further, when its president and founder, who’s been a longtime president, Richard Hesse took retirement in 1973, after then the company was sold to its retailers. Thereafter, the company became a cooperative under retailer ownership.

Furthermore, the company, in 1985, reached at high peak in in wholesale sales, of 1 billion dollars then in 2015 the total sales was of 5 billion dollars. Till 2016 the company expanded its business and the company operates in 60 countries over 4,800 locations. Also, in the US, Ace has 17 distribution centers. Further, globally Ace has supplementary distribution facilities in Panama, United Arab Emirates, and China.

Ace Hardware Support & Contact Phone Number

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For 24/7 Customer Service Call On 1-866-290-5334

You can dial the number for receiving customer support from Ace Hardware Cooperation. Need assistance or want to ask any questions regarding our services? Have any inconvenience or to connect customer service? Call on the number to get assistance.

Rebates call 1-800-477-4137

To query regarding rebates or to ask anything related just call on the number.