Kroger Customer Service Toll Free Number: +1-888-593-4845

 Here is the list of Kroger Toll Free Support & Contact 1800 numbers

1800-576-4377: Main Customer Service

  • Hello Kroger chain of Stores, May I know who I am talking to
  • ABC
  • Thanks a Lot ABC  for choosing Kroger chain of Stores
  • Tell us how can we serve you
  • Our chain of stores includes Fred Meyer, Dillon’s, Food for Less, Fry’s, Ralph’s, King Soopers and QFC.
  • We will like to share with you that we have brought some changes in our Menu, so please listen to our Menu carefully and then only choose a one
  • Please click on 1 on your keypad if you have a query related to fuel discounts or fuel point balance
  • If you want to check the fuel point balance and history through our smartphone Application, please click on 1
  • You just need to login to your account, tap on my account option.
  • Choose  on my account>> my points to access redemption history and point summary
  • The Point information is also available on our smartphone App. Just tap on the reward section.
  • If you want to know how to setup a digital account or how to download Kroger digital Application, please click on 1.
  • Click 2 to speak with our customer servile Ambassador.
  • For info related to digital account, how to set an account and use  digital coupons and to  view fuel points on our smartphone App  and website, please click on 2.
  • Click 2 to know nearest Pharmacy, retail store or clinic location.
  • Press three to stick with the customer service ambassador and share, store experience, info on loyalty cards and the reward programs.
  • Press 4 to have queries about your mobile or digital accounts and digital coupons etc.
  • If you have Any queries  related to products, you purchased from Kroger, please click on 5
  • Press 6 for  queries regarding Kroger’s  $4 generic drug programs and  to schedule your flu shot
  • Chose 7 for Kroger gift-card services
  • Then press 8 to know more about our services
  • To repeat, press pound.

1866-221-4141: Coupons & Promotions

  1. Hello Kroger chain of stores, I am ABC,  may I know who I am speaking to
  2. Welcome to the Kroger chain of stores, you have accessed our Website digital line and Mobile App.
  3. Please Hold we will forward your call to available representative
  4. Thanks for giving a call to Customer connect. I am AAA, may I know how I can assist you.

1-866-221-4141: Online Accounts