Amtrak Toll Free Support And Contact: +1-888-593-4845

Amtrak is a both long distance and a medium intercity railroad service in the United States of America. It is basically National Railroad Passenger (NRPC) Corporation, which is working under the name of Amtrak.

The foundation of Amtrak was laid in the year 1971. It is a for-profit corporation partially funded by Government.

It operates in 46 States of USA and three provinces of Canada and serves over 500 destinations. It has over Trains which run 21,300 miles of track each day. Some trains run as fast as 150 mph.

Amtrak Toll Free 800 Numbers- What Is Their Use

Here is the list of the Amtrak Toll Free Support and contact 1-800 No.’s

1-800-872-7245:  Amtrak Reservations & Customer Service

  • Hi Julie this side, Amtrak Automated agent
  • Say ‘Train status’ to check Train time
  • Say ‘ Schedules’ for info related to price and to get a schedule
  • Say “reservations” for existing or New reservation
  • Say Something else for queries outside of this frame.
  • If your call is for the reservation already made then say “I already have a reservation”
  • If not then I can help you to book seat on any of the Amtrak train.
  • Do you want Round trip or only one way
  • Round trip.
  • Let us start with Round Trip. Please tell us the number of the train you would prefer to book.
  • 1-800-307-5000: Amtrak Guest Rewards
  • 1-800-AMTRAK-2- Amtrak Vacations