Georgia Power Toll Free Support And Contact: +1-888-593-4845 Numbers

Here is the list of the Georgia Power Toll Free support and contact 1-800 Numbers. You can use these numbers for reporting power outage and other dangerous things. You can seek info related to billing and payment etc.

Toll Free No.’S- Their Uses

1-888-660-5890- 24/7 Customer Service, Website Support and billing

  1. Good Morning thanks for giving a call to Georgia Power
  2. Say  ‘Payment or billing’ for the matters relating to  payment and billing
  3. For Power outage and other dangerous conditions, please say ‘power problem’
  4. Billing
  5. Please say or enter your phone number along with area code. It will help me in searching your account.
  6. To move, stop or  transfer services say ‘transfer or moving’
  7. For other matters, please say  “help me with something else”

1-888-891-0938>> Georgia Power Power Outage:

  1. Thanks for giving a call to Georgia Power
  2. Say ‘ Power problem’  for matters related to the power outage and  other dangerous conditions
  3. Power outage.
  4. You can report issues like street light failure, downed live wire or power outage. Say outdoor lighting, dangerous condition or outage and help me with something else for other matters
  5. Say ‘Payment or billing’ for the matters relating to billing or payment
  6. To move, stop or transfer services say transfer or moving