KCP&L Toll Free Support And Contact Numbers: +1-888-593-4845

Here is the list of Kansas City Power & Electric (KCP&L) Toll Free Support and Contact 800 Numbers. You can make use of these number to report power outage, street light blackout and other dangerous things.

Uses KCP&L Toll Free Support And Contact 800 Numbers

888- 471-5275 Or (816) 471-5275: Customer Service

  1. Thanks for giving call to KCP&L. We will like to share with you that there has been a spike in the phone scam incident. The majority of these incidents have happened with customer accounts. The caller may pretend to be from KCP&L and ask customers to call on a separate phone number to make payments. So it is our suggestion that you should not use numbers other than these two numbers 888-471-5275 or 816-471-5275 to give call to KCP&L.
  2. For further info, you can go to KCP&L website kcpl.com.
  3. Please Press 1 to report streetlight out power outage and other dangerous problems
  4. Press 2 to report or make payments
  5. Please enter your account number
  6. Press 3 to transfer, start, and stop or for requests related to the constructions.
  7. To enter a meter read, for billing and other matters, please press 4.
  8.   Please Press 8 to repeat above options

1-888-544-4852- Emergency & Power Out

  1. Thanks for  connecting to our trouble reporting line
  2. Please Press 1 to choose English
  3.  Is your phone a touch tone, then enter your responses using your phone keypad, if not then please be on the line to report your issues.
  4. Please enter account number or your phone number to report a power outage
  5. Please say 1, if you have to enter the phone number
  6.  Say 2, if you have to enter the account number.
  • 816-471-5275 (1-888-471-5275) >> Special Payment and Billing
  • 1-800-344-7233- Call Before Dig
  • 1-800-344-7483- Missouri