How to Contact Netflix Support

You can contact Netflix by using social media. Twitter and Facebook are the best ways to directly contact Netflix.

If you choose Facebook to contact with Netflix, you need to firstly, like the official page of Netflix, moreover by doing this you are able to leave your comments on the new updates of the company. Apart from this, if you want to ask some questions regarding new episodes of any series, you can easily ask and they are responsible to answer your question.

Check our Netflix Customer support how it works:

If you want to contact Netflix by using twitter, tweet @NetFlixhelps. You can simply tweet you question, the company answers of your tweet in between 6:00am to 9:00 pm. The staff of Netflix, try to help you and provide you all information you needed.

Apart from these ways, you can also chat live with the netflix customer care representative. They also provide all information, you will ask for.