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Read this write up and get to know How to sign in/log in to Hotmail/OutlookHotmail/Outlook is a Microsoft product and is a personal information manager. It comes as a part of the Microsoft office suite. Though it is mainly an email application it also includes features such as a calendar, contact manager, task manager, journal, note taking and web browsing. You can sign in/log in to Hotmail/Outlook .com using any email accounts ending in @Outlook .com,, or In this article we will go through the step by step process of how to sign in/log in to Hotmail/Outlook .

In Order To Sign In/Log In To The Hotmail/Outlook For Email Access.

  1. Open your internet browser and go to Hotmail/Outlook .com.
  2. Here enter your email address and the password.
  3. If you want to avoid the effort of logging into your account each time you can choose “Keep me signed in”.
  4. Click “Sign in

In Order To Sign In/Log In To The Hotmail/Outlook With Single Use Code

If you’re using your Hotmail from a public computer and you have a doubt that someone might be tracking your password, then you can use this method to sign in to your Hotmail/Outlook . Hotmail provide this option to prevent hacking.

To sign in to Hotmail/Outlook with Single Use Code, follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Open your browser and go to .
  2. Now instead of entering your Hotmail email id and password, click on the option ‘sign in with single use code’.
  3. You will be then redirected to a page where it will ask you about your email id and phone number.
  4. When you enter your mobile number you will get a code on your phone number. You can access your Hotmail account using that code.
  5. Whenever you use the single-use code to sign in to your Hotmail account, a new code will be provided.
  6. Please note that the SMS charges may apply.

In Order To Sign In/Log In To The Hotmail/Outlook In Two Step Verification

If you’re accessing your Hotmail using an unknown device or a public computer and you’re suspicious that someone might be tracking down your password, then you can use the option ‘sign in using single use code’ or this method. This method consists of the added extra layer of protection. You have to turn this option off by changing your settings. Each time you’ll be asked to enter an extra code every time you log in to your Hotmail/Outlook account.

Hotmail/Outlook Sign In For One Drive

OneDrive is a virtual storage drive to save your important data like files, photos, music, etc. You can also share your files using OneDrive. This application can be operated on your computer and also be download on your smartphones or tablets. You can use your Hotmail account to sign in to OneDrive. For this you have to follow the steps.

  1. Open your internet browser and go to Sign in to your OneDrive account using your Hotmail account. You will get 5 GB free storage. Earlier, Microsoft used to provide 15 GB of free storage. But recently it has been reduced to 5 GB.
  2. You can also log in to MSN with your Hotmail account. MSN gives you news and weather report of your area.

Hotmail/Outlook  Sign In For Windows

You can sign in to any windows device using Hotmail. You just need to have a Hotmail ID to sign in to windows 7, windows 8, windows 8.1 and windows 10. You can even log in to your windows mobile using Hotmail ID. Microsoft has started this initiative to create a unified experience for each device and service. So you can use your single Hotmail email id to access all the products and services offered by Microsoft.

Hotmail/Outlook Sign In For Android

If you’re an android user, you must be looking for ways to use Hotmail/Outlook on your android device. You can use the android’s included email app instead of Hotmail/Outlook application. Though Gmail has overshadowed its utility since past few years, but still there are some people and companies who rely on Hotmail/Outlook for exchange of emails and data. Hotmail/Outlook is also available in an application version that work great on Android smartphones and tablets. You can download the application from the Google Play Store. The app will be available by the name of Hotmail.

You have to follow the below mentioned steps to sign in to Hotmail/Outlook on your Android device.

  1. Download and launch the application on your device.
  2. On the landing page, you’ll be asked to enter your email and password. You can use your @Hotmail/Outlook .com or is to access the Hotmail/Outlook .
  3. After entering your correct password, click on ‘Next’. If your details are correct you will be successfully logged in to your Hotmail/Outlook account.
  4. You can configure more than one account on Hotmail/Outlook for your convenience. You can manage them all using the same application.

Hotmail/Outlook Sign In For Built-In Email App

Android devices usually come with an in-built email app which supports exchange ActiveSync accounts. You can use that in-built email app instead of the dedicated Hotmail app. The email app has all the same features like the Hotmail app. It includes calendar events, contact synchronisation, multiple inboxes and push email.

Follow the below mentioned steps to log in to your in-built email app using your Hotmail/Outlook .

  1. Open the settings and go to the ‘Accounts’ section. Tap on ‘Add account’.
  2. Choose the ‘corporate’ account type. If you have the older version of Android, then you will see the option as Exchange instead of Corporate.
  3. Enter your email id and password correctly in the required fields.
  4. When entering the email id, put @Hotmail/Outlook .com at the end of the username.
  5. In the server box textbox, enter
  6. When the synchronisation is carried out successfully, your account will be ready to use. You can view your email by launching the email app.
  7. In case the corporate option isn’t working, switch to ‘Email’ option instead of ‘Corporate’.
  8. Presently, Hotmail/Outlook doesn’t support the IMAP protocol.

Hotmail/Outlook Sign In For IPhone

The process written below is for Hotmail, but the process for Hotmail/Outlook is exactly similar. The steps mentioned are for setting up your Hotmail/Outlook on an iOS device.

The steps for sign in on Hotmail/Outlook for iPhone and iPad are similar.

  1. Go to the settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>Add Account.
  2. From the options given in the list, select Hotmail/Outlook .com.
  3. On the login page, enter the Hotmail email address and password in the required fields. Tap on ‘next’ when you’ve entered the details. Make sure that the id and password are correct.
  4. It will ask you for the Hotmail/Outlook data you want to access on your iPhone or iPad. You can choose among Mail, Contacts, Calendars and Reminders. Tap on ‘Done’ when you’re done.
  5. When you’ll access the Mail application on your iPhone, it will open your Hotmail/Outlook account.
  6. To sync your email data with your iPhone you have to go to Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>Hotmail>Mails Days to Synch. In the list choose the days at which you want your data should be synced.