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How To Sign In To Your Skype Account On Microsoft Windows/ Mac/ Android/ IOS/ Facebook/ Microsoft Email Account

It is really required to be well aware of the procedure of How to Sign in to your Skype Account, if you are using this. Multifunctional Microsoft App Skype is available for Mac, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Blackberry, Android, Tablets, Apple and Windows phone. The services offered by Skype are Video calling, Audio calls, Text chats, Video, Audio, images, and Text document sharing.  You can also make conference calls and create groups to chat with friends. Except a few, most of the services are free. If the users want to connect Skype  to landline or a mobile phone number, he/she may require to subscribe to that service.

There were more than 300 million monthly Active Skype users till August 2015. In February 2012 there were estimated 34 million Skype users in the world

Skype- Most Valuable Features     

  1. Skype Service is absolutely free except a few services. You can make unlimited Video and Audio calls. You can send unlimited text messages, images, videos, audios to friends. You can make conference calls with a capacity of including 25 people. You will only require to pay if you want to connect Skype with Landline or mobile phone. The cost per call is still very low in comparison to International call charges.
  2. Users can avail many subscription plans to connect with friends on Skype via landline or mobile. They can also pay through Skype Credit.  This feature is significant when your friend is not available on Skype.
  3.  You can share unlimited Videos, audios, text documents and images with friends.
  4. Group screen feature is utilized by new channels mostly to bring more and more Panelists in a live show who are living far away or could not attend the show due to some reason
  5. Via Skype WiFi, you can access millions of public hotspots around the globe
  6.   You can make calls through SIP-enabled PBX and switch from chat to Video in just one click
  7. You can add Skype contact me button to your website and the visitors can IM or call you anytime for any clarification.
  8. You can add Skype share button, so that your visitors can share your content on Skype.
  9. If the person on the other side is not able to understand your language, get your text, audio and video calls are translated in seconds.

How To Login To Skype On Microsoft Window/ MAC?

 The procedure to login to Skype on Mac is as given below

  1. Enable an internet connection on your device
  2. Click on start Skype
  3. Now enter Name, email address or phone number
  4. Enter the Skype password, click on Sign in and get started on Skype

How To Configure Your Microsoft Email Accounts, Gmail, Outlook And Yahoo Etc. With Skype

You can very easily link Microsoft account with Skype, just follow this simple procedure. The advantage of linking Skype with any Webmail account is that you can use the email sign in details to access your Skype and if a user loses or forgets password, it will be easy to reset or recover it. Remember that one Skype account can be linked to just one Microsoft email account.

Procedure to link Microsoft account with Skype is as given below

  1. Click on Start Skype,
  2. Enter Email address and Password of the Microsoft account
  3. Click on Sign in
  4. Click on Yes to verify you have already a Skype account, otherwise create a one.
  5. If the email account is already linked with some other Skype account, then unlink it first
  6. Now type your Skype credentials, email id and password and click on the arrow shaped icon
  7. This is all, you need to do, now click on Sign in to get started.

How To Login To Skype Account Via Facebook

The procedure to login to Skype account via Facebook is given below:

  1. Click to start Skype
  2. Select  “Sign In with Facebook” Button
  3. Now type your email &  password in opened window & then click on “Log In” button.
  4. If you want to use any other account, you need to click on ‘Use a different account’ button and enter your credentials.
  5. Click on “Log In with Facebook”  to Sign In Skype with Facebook .
  6. Last step is to Click “Allow” button.

All done!! you are log in with facebook account

How To Sign In To Skype On Android Phone

The procedure to Sign in to Skype on Android Phone is as follows

  1. Click on Menu icon
  2. Scroll towards the bottom and click on Settings option
  3. Click on Save my password
  4. Now you will be signed into your account automatically whenever you will click on Start Skype.

How To Sign In To Your Skype Account On Your IOS Device 

The procedure to sign into your Skype account on your iOS device is as follows

  1. Enter your name, Phone number or Email id
  2. Click on Arrow shaped icon
  3. Now enter your Skype password
  4. Click on Sign in
  5. Now add friends, make video calls and sent messages to friends.