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How To Sign Up For Skype On Microsoft Windows/ Mac/ Android/ IoS/ Facebook/ Microsoft Email Account

Skype is a Microsoft App via which users make Voice and Video calls on Skype Account . Apart from call Video and Audio calls, users are able to exchange videos, images, audios and text documents with each other. Skype users can make Video and audio conference calls as well.

Thus bosses and teachers can arrange a meeting on Skype with employees and Students respectively. Skype is used by Radio and TV Channels to bring a guest live on the show who is not able to reach studio due to some reason.

Skype- Some Prominent Features   

  1. Whether it is Video or audio call, the service is absolutely free. Since International call rates are very high, users can connect to Skype and make Video, Audio and conference calls for hours and they will not require to pay a penny for it. A user can include maximum 25 people in a conference call
  2. Users can connect Skype to phone or mobile number and make international calls at a very low price. There are several subscription plans for users to connect phone with Skype or they can pay through Skype Credit.
  3. If your friend is not available on Skype, you can transfer the call to his/her number.
  4. You can share photos, Videos, audios and text documents with friends.
  5. Group screen sharing is also possible, which makes it an important tool for news channels.
  6. Via Skype WiFi, you can access millions of public hotspots around the globe
  7. You can make calls through SIP-enabled PBX and switch from chat to Video in just one click
  8. You can add Skype contact me button to your website and the visitors can IM or call you anytime for any clarification.
  9. You can add Skype share button, so that your visitors can share your content on Skype.
  10. If the person on the other side is not able to understand your language, get your text, audio and video calls are translated in seconds.

How To Sign Up For A Skype Account On Microsoft Windows/ MAC

If you want to create a Skype account on Microsoft Windows, follow this simple procedure to start your Skype account.

  1. Click to create an account
  2. Enter details i.e First Name,Last name, Username,password, country, Birthdate and Gender.
  3. Enter your personal information, try to add more details so that your friends could easily find you on Skype
  4. Now enter the Skype name. This name will be used by people to contact you on Skype. The name should not exceed 32 characters and minimum length is 6 characters.  It should not include special characters or spaces. You should keep in mind that name once chosen can’t be changed later on, so be careful while changing a name.
  5. Now type a password for your Skype account. The length of the password should not exceed more than 20 characters and minimum length is 6 characters. The password should contain one number and one letter.
  6. Select Your Country Code.
  7. Enter valid mobile phone number.
  8. Enter captcha displayed in the box to verify you are not a robot.
  9. Click on“I Agree, Continue” the license terms.
  10. Click on “Create account” button to create skype account.
  11. Done!

How To Sign Up For Skype Via Facebook?

The advanced version of Skype can be linked with Facebook so that social media users can access Skype more convenient.  All you need is to firstly download it and then install Skype on your devices and then chat with friends on Skype via Facebook as well.

Procedure to merge Skype with Facebook is as follows

  1. As usual, click on Skype
  2. Click on ‘Sign in with Facebook’ button
  3. Enter your details in Facebook login window
  4. Click on login with Facebook
  5. If you want to keep Skype logged in with Facebook, then check box adjacent to Sign me when Skype starts. Now, whenever you will like to start Skype, you will be connected through Facebook.
  6. Select The Log in with Facebook and Sign me
  7. Click on Allow
  8. By selecting Allow you have given Skype permission to use some Facebook features.

How To Create Skype Account Within Facebook

  1. If you don’t have a Skype account to link with Facebook, don’t worry we will show you a way. Follow this procedure to create a Skype account within Facebook
  2. Click on ‘Get started to sign in with your Facebook account’
  3. You have selected the above option to sign in with your Fb account.
  4. Click on I agree to read License terms
  5. Click on Continue
  6. This is all you have to do, now you can sign into your Skype with Facebook anytime.

How To Create Skype Account On Android

 The procedure to Sign up for a Skype account on Android phone is as follows

  1. Click on Start Skype
  2. Click on Create an account
  3. Read License terms and Click on continue
  4. Enter Name, email id, password and other details
  5. The minimum and maximum length of Name should be 6 and 32 respectively, and for a password it is minimum 6 characters
  6. Tap on the arrow in the center of the Sign up window
  7. Once the account is created, you will be logged in automatically.

How to create a Skype account on iPhone/ iPod

If you have not any idea how to start Skype on iPhone or iPod, we will tell you here how to create a Skype account on iOS device.

There are three steps to start Skype Service on any iOS device.  The steps are downloading, Signup and sign into Skype.

  1. As usual download a latest version of Skype on your iOS device.
  2. Click on Start Skype and Click on Create account
  3. Click on I agree to accept the license terms
  4. Enter name, email address and password
  5. Click on create account.
  6. Now you can sign into your account anytime