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VLC Media Player is free, open source, portable and cross platform media player and also streaming media server. The application is available for Desktop OS and mobile platforms such as Windows Phone, Android, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Many file formats are supported by VLC media player for audio and video compression methods. Also the broken audio and video files are played smoothly. Unfinished downloaded files are also played of different formats. User can convert files into desirable format. With many features such as showing of subtitles was never easy before but VLC upgrade feature supported it. Need any kind of instant VLC Media Player Support, just make a call at our toll-free number, 24*7

Assured Tech Service to VLC Media Player

Audi and Video files are available which require platform to be played on in different formats. Contemporary players do not support all formats hence VLC distinguishable remain sole choice to users. Tech Greek can understand the technical fault and setting the features settings right by connecting to VLC Media Player Technical Support Number to have step-by-step solution service. Get the best solution for playing files of any format with subtitle under our professional guidance.

Few features of VLC Media Player:

  • Easy to play audio video files which are broken
  • Drag and drop paly
  • Play different file format with subtitles
  • Remotely controlling the player

Offered Support Services To VLC Media Player:

  • Support for proper installation
  • Support for compatibility assistance on RAR, ISO and RIP files
  • Support for audio and video playback issues
  • Support for extension and plug in
  • Support for troubleshooting with Windows, Linux and OS X
  • Support for remotely y controlling
  • Support for converting media files format

Why chose VLC media player tech experts?

  • A level of satisfaction is tried to reach
  • Quality support services
  • Support from qualified technicians
  • Experienced technicians assist you
  • Transparent and trustworthy support services

Call VLC Media Player Customer Support Number for assistance

Certified, skilled experienced technicians are present in your service to get your VLC Player error free. Connect to VLC Media Player Customer Support Number for receiving the technical aid service solution. Feel free to get in touch by calling or live chat with technician or drop an email to customer support email id for assistance. User can connect to knowledgeable tech experts any hour of day and night as engineers are present around the clock to guide you.